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Hadoop on Ubuntu on Windows

Leszek Zychowski on May 1, 2016

I have only been tweeting for few months, and I mostly tweet about games, but when I tweeted about Big Data and Hadoop, I have received the most likes and retweets out of everything I ever posted. It seems that Big Data and Hadoop are a hot topic at this point in time.

Today’s tutorial will walk us through setting up Hadoop on a Ubuntu VM in a Windows environment. The first step is to download VirtualBox from Oracle. It will allow you to install Ubuntu Server (command line only).

You can download Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS from here.

Once you download it, start VirtualBox and click on the New button.

VirtualBox New VM

Next hit Create and select file location where your VM will be stored.

VirtualBox New VM

Hit Create again which will take you to the main screen that lists all your VMs.

VirtualBox New VM

You will want to setup Bridged Adapter under Network settings to assign a unique IP address to your Ubuntu VM. Right click on the VM you just created and click on Settings. Under Settings select the Network tab.

Under the Adapter 1 tab you will select Bridged Adapter from the Attached to drop down.

VirtualBox New VM

Click OK.

Next double click on UnbutuServer1 (or whatever you called your new VM). You will see the following screen. You will be asked to select the location of the ISO file you have downloaded from Ubuntu website. In my image you will see an earlier version, but the current version you can download is 16.04 LTS.

VirtualBox New VM

Hit start to begin Ubuntu setup.

VirtualBox New VM

There are no specific setup options you have to choose to be able to install Hadoop. You can follow Ubuntu Server Guide to finish the installation of Ubuntu Server.

Once you are done you will see Ubuntu Server prompt. The great tutorial I followed to setup Hadoop is located at bogotobogo.com

Finally, you will run start-all.sh command which will start Hadoop on your VM. Next thing you will want to do is find your IP address. You can type ifconfig at the command prompt to view your eth0 IP address.

VirtualBox New VM

Once you find your IP address you can navigate to http://{ipaddress}:50070/ to reach the Hadoop Overview screen.

VirtualBox New VM